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Written by S.A.Paige

“World of Songhammer” is your first album. How long did it take you to put it together and what inspired it?

“World of Songhammer” took just over 2 years to write and record. We were already serious fantasy enthusiasts, it just seemed like the right thing to do. Very few rock musicians get to carry weapons on stage. We have Doomhammers and armor!!! The fight is never fair ’cause Songhammer always wins!!!

It’s been –two years—since you started putting World of Songhammer together, what kept you on track/focus?

Like all artists we are driven by our muses, but winning the 2011 Blizzcon songwriting contest with the first piece we wrote as a band was pretty encouraging. Since then we have met so many cool fantasy-heads that we seem always to be working on some big project with all of our awesome friends. Making videos and records is hard work, but it’s also hanging out in your backyard having hammer and whip fights with your best friends. What’s more fun than that

You guys are going to have an epic launch for your album carousing next month at BlizzCon, the gaming convention for Blizzard. But you’ve been there before, how is this different?

Blizzcon 2011 was the beginning. We didn’t have armor or a weapons sponsor. We didn’t have a great album or the coolest music video this side of Hoth. We didn’t have our awesome production partner Epic level entertainment- who have helped us get to the next level. We competed in their talent and movie contests this year. If we win we could get the opportunity to play at Blizzcon.

What else do you have lined up? And how are you being received in more mainstream music venues?

We are currently in talks with a well known franchise about the possibility of hosting a youtube show. We are talking with our sponsors at Gibson about shooting a video with Liberace’s famous mirror ball piano. What could be cooler than 2 guys in armor playing a big disco ball piano? That’s just the start!!!

We haven’t spent much time with traditional music venues yet. We’re all seasoned musicians with years of gigging under our belts. We are open to traditional show opportunities but they have to make financial sense. We’ve all gotten into a van with 4 other dudes before and tried to get across the country on a few thousand dollars. It’s not much fun after the first time. Our favorite places to rock are at fantasy, comic and music conventions among legions of our allies. It’s Harder to get hoodwinked or otherwise swindled if 20,000 of your closest friends are on hand!

Does the idea of trying to win new fans bring with it a different kind of pressure?

There is always a pressure to find new fans, but we have so much fun doing what we do that it becomes contagious. Eventually everyone everywhere will be listening to the Double Hammers of Doom!! I’m not kidding. Everyone everywhere. You watch!

Do you think that the fans who consider you guys hard or metal rock will think it’s weird to hear the rest of your album?

We definitely have a wide variety of material on the record. We have hard rock, Pop, Neo-classic rock, and even a ballad. Whatever the style it is always Songhammer and that makes it good! Most of the time I hear people who don’t usually like hard rock saying how much they like Songhammer. We cross a lot of our pop fans over to the heavy metal dark-side.

Musically, some of the songs reflect popular titles. Why did you choose to go this route and how did you change them to make them your own?

Artist’s reflect a culmination of their influences and experience, compounded with ability and other limitations. In the end somebody somewhere has always done what you are doing. In fact, The Beatles probably did what you are doing. There are a finite amount of chord combinations, words, ideas, and feelings. If you compare most modern music to lets say a 9th century neume you will find many similarities. The most pleasing combinations of notes or chords will keep showing up. Those are the basic blocks we built the way we hear and perceive music upon. The longer we exist, and the more people add to it, the bigger the wall gets, but they are all just pieces in a great puzzle. We can only hope that what comes through us from somewhere else does justice to everything that caused it to well up inside us in the first place.

Past Blizzcon’s have been headlined by, Foo Fighters, Tenacious D, Ozzy Ozzbourne…that’s just to name a few. Who is headlining this year? If you win the right to perform who would you most like to perform with?

Blizzard hasn’t yet announced the headliner but their choices in the past have been right up our alley. Those cats obviously have a terrific ear for music. Half of the upper management at Blizzard are shredders themselves! Playing with a hologram version of Queen that included Freddie Mercury would be awesome.

What other festivals or opportunities are you looking forward to in the coming year?

(Insert fantasy or other cool title here) -con times a million. We like conventions. South by Southwest, Coachella or any hard rock festival would be cool. We plan to make a lot of media this year. That will all be very exciting, dynamic, and humorous. We’re going to make 2014 the Year of the Hammer!!

Really, how comfortable are those costumes?

More comfortable than we would be without the limbs and skin it helps to protect while we fight. Our armor-smith at Sharp Mountain Leather is top notch.

Interested in the new album?
Buy the “World of Songhammer” album here: http://bit.ly/Hf05u8!
Download on CDBaby: http://bit.ly/1cQuSZC
Download on iTunes: http://bit.ly/1dcDtby

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